Posted by: williekp | November 6, 2016

Am I Mechanical ? 🛠 🔩🔌🎚🔨⚒🛠🔬🎏⛱ ??????

The jury is out on this one. I am sure that  I mentioned that a drive belt on the hybrid motor broke on the way here. The net effect of that was not significant , such is the redundancy built into our particular Wylo. One of the jobs of the hybrid is to generate lots of electricity when the engine is running. If the hybrid is not working, we fall back to ordinary systems where, when the engine is running, it charges the batteries through the alternator. This is slower and not very efficient but gets the job done. We can’t manoeuvre the boat using the electric motor and can’t use the mains type electric for cooking or charging stuff. Other than that, it is a non event.

We took the precaution of pre-positioning a spare belt around the prop shaft before the shaft was coupled together. That meant that the belt was ready to slip over the various wheels and tensioner and then be tensioned and “Bob’s your Uncle and away you go “.

However, when you really look at everything there are a number of pieces of this jigsaw that don’t seem to fit. Most frustrating but very much helped by a call to the man who invented the thing and who is happy to help a helpless customer on his Sunday. Graeme of Hybrid Marine, made a short video for me showing the majority of what needed doing, sent me an updated version of the manual and took a long call from me while I checked my understanding. Loins suitably girded, I got out the tool bag and jumped in. Everything went swimmingly until I got to an unforeseen step which was cleared up by another call to Graeme. Problem was I needed tools I didn’t have. Step in the marina. They provided free loan of the bits I needed and joy of joy, job done. 

Time to start the engine and test things out. Turn the key and flash bang, no engine start but sparks and sinking feeling. Racking my brains as to what I could have disturbed, managed to take a lump out of my finger on a sharp bit while tracing wires. Not happy. Phone Graeme. Within two minutes fault is traced to loose connection on the engine battery and engine starts as normal. Then run through a series of checks to verify that the repairs to the belt are sound and that the hybrid is working normally. Lo and behold it all works. 😀

What is the learning? I need an expanded range of tools. Having a great supplier who is willing to offer support in a tight corner is fantastic. Having sorted it, it was relatively simple with the right tools. 

My conclusion is that I am not yet mechanical enough but I took big steps in the right direction today.🛠

Oh by the way, given that this is Willie’s Adventures Sailing and Fishing you might like to know that we caught our first fish, a tasty tuna called a bonito. See below.

Oh, and did I happen to mention quietly that IRELAND STUFFED THE ALL BLACKS. WAHOOO!!!!!!!

Till next time when we will be en route to the Canaries via a couple of deserted islands.




  1. Excellent job and I am impressed with the support you received. Very interested in the hybrid motor concept. Send me a link so I can read some more about hybrid motors

    • Try Googling Hybrid Marine. They have a great website.

  2. Hi brother,
    I am sorry to say that Uncle George passed away last night. It is absolutely what he wanted. Thought you would want to know. When are you in the Canaries? We are in Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria till Saturday. Safe sailing to you all X

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