Posted by: williekp | January 24, 2012

Getting Started

This blog is an attempt to  diary my adventures sailing and fishing. I love to get well off the beaten track and to places that are difficult to reach and where relatively few people go. Until recently, these were mainly based around fishing trips but in the last couple of years I have revisited sailing and plan to use sailing as my means to visit unspoilt places. The header sunset picture was taken when I waas crewing on a catamaran between Port Said in Egypy and Crete. That was my first offshore passage amounting to around 600 miles. The picture on the right was taken on a recent trip to the west coast of Scotland. The Scottish weather is a bit like the weather I am used to in Ireland. If you don’t like it , just wait half an hour because it is about to change.

A lot of the time , I will be off-line and plan to use the i-pad app Blogsy to create my blog off-line and upload it when I can get a good enough internet connection. It is my first attempt at this so forgive me if it is rough around the edges or some parts of it don’t appear to work. Also, please point it out to other people who you think might be interested. Finally please add comments so I know that you are out there.


  1. All starting to look pretty good, seems like the technology is working. Look forward to following the story 🙂



  2. Our Billy … why are you wearing a nappy on your head? And you call that windy???? I don’t see any terrified German snorkellers being mown down … come on, you can be more exciting than that ….. xxx ps when do you actually go?

  3. WKP looks like an old tramp from under Waterloo Bridge…

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