Posted by: williekp | March 16, 2012

Everything yesterday was a lie!

Sailing is about as exact as fishing. Last night, in the middle of the night our skipper came to me and said he was not ready to go. There was a pump that cools the generator that we replaced this week, but he had no spares. Also we were short on battery water and bodge tape. So today was the final ,final provisioning day. We are off tomorrow. It says here. Anyhow what do you think of my old salty crust beard. Comments welcome. Bye the way Trevor, I know that Ireland will beat England on St Patrick’s day at Twickenham, or I will eat the underpants that I am not wearing.



  1. OK Will, you’re on.
    Two minutes to kick off.
    A fiver and an underpant supper.
    I’ll even give you the draw!
    Trev x

  2. Oh Willie, your faith in the Green jersey was sadly misplaced, bon appetite. Unfortunately Wales turned out to be deserving winners over the boring unimaginative French.

  3. I hope you’ve washed then Willie! The margin of victory was, well, rather embarrasing don’t you think? Bob Heard.

  4. Well if you did what you said you would do that would be painful. And too much information Brother!

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