Posted by: williekp | March 21, 2012

No wind means no sailing!

Today is 21st March. I have been here 3 weeks so far. Cruising offshore is not like the flotilla sailing we have been doing in the Med. if there is no wind in the Med you just motor to the next place. Here, if there is no wind you just stay put until some wind shows up. There are always plenty of jobs to do around the boat. Today we got out a light wind sail called a Gennaker and rigged it. We are expecting to do a lot of sailing with the wind coming more or less from behind us. This sail will be useful for that. It is likely that we will fly the genoa out to port and the Gennaker to starboard with no mainsail when the conditions are right. All this is good stuff for me as I have very little experience of rigging and sailing these configurations. The rest of the day will be reading or possibly a bit of fishing either just around the boat or in the dinghy.


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