Posted by: williekp | March 23, 2012

So we are finally off and running towards the Galapagos!

After all the fretting about whether there would be enough wind to set off , we departed Esmeralda today at about 12.30 in light winds as forecast. However, within a couple of hours the winds were gusting from 25 kts on the beam. While we were in the process of shortening sail, Myra’s fishing line got taken by something big and no-one noticed. By the time we did notice all the line was out and the fish ,which was big, was being towed behind the boat. Inevitably the line broke and she lost the lot. Not good when that was the whole supply of 200 lb breaking strain line. Looks like my system of rod and line is going to have to turn up trumps if we are to be eating more fish. We were slightly caught out by the strong winds. We had rigged a light wind sail called a genneker but it ended up just getting in the way and it was a three man job on a rolling deck to lower it and pack it away even though it was furled and not in use. The good news is that our average speed is up around 6.5 knots which is a great start to chewing up some of the 900 or so miles we had to do before setting out. The watch system is now in place and it is about 19.30 and dark as I write this. My next watch is from 3am to 6 am tomorrow which means I will catch the sunrise. The temperature is in the high 20s centigrade so it is shorts and a T shirt 24 x 7. Unless the wind drops we will not stop now until we reach our anchorage in San Cristobal. We should start making water tomorrow . Let’s hope that works with no hitches.

More later…


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