Posted by: williekp | April 8, 2012

Exploring the Galapagos

Well we got here in the early hours of Sun 1st April after an 8 day sail. We did pretty well . All the others we have talked to motored for at least two days and took  about the same length of time. We still  have most of our diesel apart from the stuff we use to recharge the batteries and make fresh water. We were greeted on the way in by the most magnificent sunrise. It is true, red sky at morn, look out. It chucked it down later in the day.

This is what the street looked like later in the day.

Checking in in a place like this is pretty convoluted. You have to use an agent, be taken to immigration, register with the Port Captain, register to get fuel, have your boat inspected, have it fumigated etc etc. It is pretty much the same process to get out. That, plus fixing a few things on the boat, and getting some replacement provisions means that the days slip past pretty quickly. As I write this, we have been here seven days and are hoping to leave in the next few days.

The thing that impresses most about these islands is how much wildlife there is and how tame it all is. The port is literally littered with sea lions. You have to pick your way between them. There are millions of crabs on the rocks, giant tortoises, blue footed boobies and giant marine iguanas. I have included a few shots of them so you get the idea.

The iguanas are fearless and don’t move no matter how close you get. The sea lions threaten to bite you.




I managed a fishing trip for tuna and wahoo. I hooked and lost three very big tuna and finally managed to get the wahoo below into the boat. We also had a tuna later so we have lots of lovely fish to eat again.

Tomorrow I am going diving with turtles, sharks and sea lions. Wish me luck. More later…


  1. Happy Easter to you Willie and all on board.
    Looks like you’re having a great time. Particularly loving the images.
    We had another good evening with your good lady in The Red Lion… we’re thinking of taking the boys with us next week… though don’t want them to cramp our style!
    Lots of love,

    • Thanks Di for your kind comments and for looking after Sarah. Having a good time and getting ready for a month at sea to get to the next place. W xxx

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi Billy . Happy Easter . Still following your posts . You have included some lovely photos . Good luck with the dive and your next port off call . Love Marie xx

    • hi Willie,

      Glad to hear everything is going well and good to see the fishing has improved………nice looking wahoo, managed to keep your thumb out of its mouth too 🙂

      Good luck onthe next leg.

      Hope you enjoy the dive too, looking forward to the underwater photos.



  3. That’s a nice catch – did you weigh it? Wahoo steaks delicious.

  4. kl blog papa, hope you’re having fun my room is spotless xoxox

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