Posted by: williekp | April 29, 2012

Fishing, fishing, fishing…..

Tonight just after dinner and just before it got dark my fishing rod started screaming and line poured off the reel. I jumped up to grab it and pushed the drag full on. The drag applies a force stopping the line from going out. I have it set to about 60 lbs or to put it another way, if you hung 25 bags of sugar off it the line would not budge. Well budge it did. I have at least 600 meters of line on the reel and whatever was on the end had already got 500 of those. It would take something the size of a small pony to pull that much line out under that amount of drag pressure. Next thing that happened was that the fish swam across the other trailing line which was a smart thing to do, because the lines ran down each other until mine reached the hooks on the other. They then cleanly cut my braid and the fish was lost. Definitely the biggest thing I have ever been connected to by a fishing rod. I would give up my daily beer allowance just to have caught a glimpse of it. That’s why it is called fishing and not catching. I have moved to alternate day fishing (only one line in the water) and tightened up the drag further in the hope of engaging the next zoo creature for longer. War on fish…..

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