Posted by: williekp | May 13, 2012

The Final Chapter of this Blog (for now anyhow)

Well we made it across over 3000 miles of deserted ocean. It took us 23 days and we travelled about 3300 miles through the water when you account for all the zig-zagging. This was something that I wanted to do and which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The picture below is for the record: me with the island of Nuka Hiva in the background. Fortunately it was my watch so I had the pleasure of sailing into the anchorage and dropping the hook.

I hope some of you will have noticed that I will have a bit less to drag around the squash court when I get back. We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, then some wine and then we went ashore to celebrate some more. Despite all the frustrations, I am very grateful to the owners for allowing me to share in their adventure. It has been a unique experience. Nuka Hiva is a very beautiful island.

The anchorage in Nuka Hiva

I have decided, however, not to do the last leg to Tahiti and to fly there instead. If I ever come this way again it will be in my own boat.The call of home is strong and I hope to be having a pint in the squash club sometime from Wednesday onwards next week. Thanks to everyone who shared the adventure by reading my ramblings. Thanks in particular to all of you who commented on various of the entries. Everyone should dream of their adventure and have a go at it. I will have to start work now dreaming up my next one.

Till then thanks everyone.



  1. Hi Willie.

    Glad to see you have made it in one piece. We’ll have a tot of rum ready for the old salty seadog when you get back next week. Please shower before coming to the club though!

    Chris (registered owner of the Hosey knot)

    • Thanks Chris. Back Wednesday. CU at the club assuming I am allowed out. W

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Congratulations our Billy. Have a good trip back. Lynda

  3. Billy i have read all your blogs and was surprised to just read your latest . You have had a life changing experience which you will alway s be able to look back on . God speed you safely home . Marie x

  4. Willie,

    Pleased to know you managed the dream in one piece, even though there looks less of you than started 🙂
    That yellowfin looks pretty impressive, so I guess you won’t be quite as impressed with a 4lb bass now……..
    Give me a bell when your back and let’s see if we can manage a session on the fly before I head off.



  5. Well done our Billie. Sarah & all will be glad to see you.

    Safe home,


  6. Hey Willie, Congratulations! One to tick off the list. I’m all for following your dreams. Trev is a rich and famous rock star in mine. : )
    Looking forward to seeing you at the club for a big cuddle.
    Love Di

  7. Well done Willie.
    Playing away on Wednesday (don’t tell Di) so will miss your home coming drink. How about glass (or two) on Friday at the club 6.30 ish?
    I’m sure that we’ll smell you before we see you…

    • Wednesday and Friday work for me Trev.

  8. Well done Willie. Reading your blogs brought it home to me how adventurous and wonderful it must have been. It will be my real pleasure to buy you a pint when I see you next at the squash club. Lino

  9. Hi Willie, Have just caught up with your last leg blogs. My, you have had an adventure!! Sorry to hear about your father – a difficult time for you. I have laughed out load at some of your exploits and can envisage living with a German – I worked with them for 3 years at TTTE at Cottesmore but fortunately most of them understood aerodynamics!! Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Regards, Steve.

  10. Hi! Willie,
    Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip, the joys, frustrations and sadness. A story well told. And an inspiration for others.
    Sincere thanks,

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