Posted by: williekp | January 22, 2018

Back sailing ( fingers crossed)

Back in Lanzarote with a mix of old and new crew to try a bit of a tour around a few of the islands. Lila has been tethered at her berth for a long time so she needs a little cleaning up and I’m hoping to get some new sailing instruments fitted.

Current crew is in the photo above from left to right Issy, Harriet who sailed with me across Biscay last year and who has since gained Yachtmaster Offshore and Millie who has Day skipper and will do her Yachtmaster this season. Issy has a go pro camera and makes video logs VLOGS so I am hoping to repost what she records as well as some stuff of my own.

Watch this space.


  1. Have fun..presume you have met up with lady Pell whilst down there.

    • Yep, met Rog and the crowd on day one and him and Dave popped round Sat. How is the winter?

      • Winter is shite, wet,cold and miserable, thanks for asking. Nice to see you decided to migrate. Company looks nice, hope weather stays as fair as the crew. Look forward to the snaps with envy. Best Andrew

  2. Its a hard life Willie………Enjoy, sinx

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