Posted by: williekp | August 25, 2018

Not really a city person

I’ve been here in Vancouver for two days. I always build in some slack time on the way out to fishing adventures in case the airlines lose my luggage. I was looking forward to sharing the waiting time with our friends Mike and Shelia but poor Mike fell over playing tennis a couple of weeks ago, bust up his wrist, and can’t be here. Commiserations Mike if you read this. Like I said , I’m not a city person so two days was a long time.

There were bright spots. I used Air B&B which was great and saved me some money which I promptly spent on trips to two different and wonderful fishing shops. I thought I would make savings on tackle here and I suppose I did , but the flies that catch the steelhead fish come in many sizes and colours and you need at least two of all sizes colours and weights. The flies catch fishermen too.

I could walk to the fishing shops and to Granville Island which is one of Vancouver’s tourist attractions. That’s where the photo above was taken. I hired a bike and rode to Stanley Park (Prospect Point) where the other picture is from. It has been dull and a bit smoggy here because of all the forest fires🔥 .

Right now it is 7am Sat 25th (1500 in Blighty) and I am out of my room and through security at the airport waiting on my flight to Terrace. Settle into Kalum River Lodge later today and hit the river tomorrow. River low but a little rain forecast.

Next post….. more about the fishing!


  1. Don’t forget pictures good luck.

  2. Hi Willie I am not entirely sure if responding to this address works – let me know. Great to hear you enjoyed Vancouver – looks fantastic think I would have spent a fortune in that fishing shop – I had a shopping list as long as your arm. I nearly sent you a text yesterday but realised it was 3 am over there and didn’t want to disturb your pre fishing zzz’s. Can’t wait to hear how Kalum lodge is, what the river’s like and of course about the fishing. I am living a bit of a vicarious experience hear 😀 so keep us posted Best Mike

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    • Wish you were here Mike.

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