Posted by: williekp | January 23, 2019

Back skiing after a 10 year break

I’m in Tignes in the French alps . That is Mont Blanc in the picture above. I got an invite to join some old airforce friends at one of their apartments. I haven’t skied for 10 years and this is the first outing with my two new hips. Started out a bit wary but a change of skis at the end of the first day and a few miles under them and I feel back to where I left off. No off piste but the conditions are not right for it currently. Hips got tested with a spectacular slide down a black. My own fault.

The French get some things right. One of them is tarteflette and a glass of red for lunch. Off limits at home but …..

One thing in common with all my old airforce pals is that it doesn’t matter how long it has been since you last met up, it is as if there had been no gap but the old stories just get funnier. The best one this week was in a conversation about people’s marriages. It went like this, “yes old Eastie, feel a bit sorry for him, he’s the only bloke I know who’s been married 3 times and never had an anniversary “.

There are a couple of lively spots on the mountain as witnessed below but at 8 € for a bottle of San Miguel we quickly moved on.

Later Wolfie disclosed the secret of his ski poles, which are hollow and have the handy property of acting like big hip flasks.

Tia Maria or Cointreau , hey ho. I’ll wrap up for now with a couple more pictures. Wish me luck to get back in one piece. I have a lot of golf and racquetball to catch up on.

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