Posted by: williekp | September 3, 2018

You can always tell when the fishing isn’t all that great

I have been getting to know the natives.

Dare I say sleeping with the natives. But I have competition.

They say steelhead are ‘the fish of a thousand casts’. I have been doing some figuring. It takes about 90 seconds to retrieve the last cast, put out the current cast and fish it through. That means about 40 casts per hour. Fish a 7 hour day and you have racked up about 280 casts so one fish every 4 days. Yesterday was day 5 since I had my fish so I am overdue. Having said that, I hooked up yesterday afternoon, only for it to come off as soon as I put any pressure on it. Hmmm, better angling today I hope.

The bears are everywhere !

Let’s hope for a bit more fishy content tomorrow.


  1. They’re called emotional support dogs. “They can assist with conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder/mood disorder, panic attacks, fear/phobias, and other psychological and emotional conditions” such as the impact of the long term failure to catch a fish.

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