Posted by: williekp | September 5, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand

Pleased to say yesterday and today have been better fishing. Yesterday we fished the lower Kalum River which is a tributary of the mighty Skeena. It is still a pretty big river but the fish seemed to prove easier to find. I had 5 hookups. Two steelhead, one which broke me off and one I lost at the net but the tug is the drug so all well with that. I hooked a chinook which is the biggest of the salmon species. It took me about 300 yds down River before it spat the hook. I might still have been playing it now had it not gotten off. I dread to think what a big fresh one takes to get to the net. The other two pulls were a bull trout which came to the net and something else mysterious which we didn’t get a look at.

Today I was back on the Skeena and accompanied by my new fishing dog (wolf). I managed to catch a species which should be abundant but which is proving elusive this year. That is the silver salmon or Coho. We got one to pose for its picture but the other got off. C’est la vie.

Coho release

Coho posing

Bull trout

New best fishing dog.

I am honoured tomorrow because the chap who owns the lodge here is one of the best Spey casting instructors around. He is coming out of guiding retirement tomorrow to help me get to terms with casting from my wrong side. Think of it as learning to write left handed with a hook flying around your ears.

Watch this space.


  1. Hi Willie

    Please tell me you ate that bull trout! look fabulous. Scenery looks pretty special too.



    • All the fish have gone back Andy. We had some tasty sockeye at the lodge for dinner.

  2. Fantastic news Willie – great to get a Chinook on so late in the season and also a beautiful Coho to tick off the target list. Sounds like this place has better water – what’s the lodge like compared to Kalum ?
    Good luck with the rest of the trip

    • Hi Mike, Both lodges are very good with some subtle differences. I’m back Saturday and will give you a call with chapter and verse.

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