Posted by: williekp | September 20, 2018

A small indulgence and some local trouting

I have been a member of Beaconsfield Squash Club for more than twenty years. I play regularly. I have competed in many club competitions and won nothing. That was until last week. Before I went to Canada I entered a competition called The Walton Shield. It is handicapped according to league position. You had to play four games and win them all to win it and to cut a long story short, yours truly won it!

My thanks go to my opponents and the organisers. There has been a gap in my life’s achievements which has now been filled by my ability to look at my name on a winner’s board at the Squash Club. It is not a major trophy, but at my age it will do. Picture of board said board with name may follow.

My fishing buddy Bill invested in membership of a nice piece of the river Kennet to have access to chalk stream fishing for trout and grayling. He kindly hosted me yesterday for a final chuck for this season. We both had success with all the fish safely returned. It was a tricky day with 40mph gusts!

Many thanks Bill for a great day out and a day off my diet!

The next instalment won’t show any pictures of fish because we are going salmon fishing on the river Tweed. There has been a shortage of rain and fish this year and currently neither are predicted for our visit. An update will follow.

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